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Preparing your House for Sale

You want to give a good first impression, so presentation is the key to selling your home. Buyers are attracted to clean, well presented, spacious looking properties.

De-clutter, pack away as much as you can.  You will need to clean and organise your home but remember that your house needs to look lived in! Try to take care of any necessary repairs within your home. The outside space is just as important as the inside space. Keep on top of the gardening and remove debris, like fallen leaves, repaint fences and decking if they are looking untidy.

It is important to add value to your property whenever possible. Don’t spend vast amounts of money on large improvements unless you feel it is necessary,as it will not always increase the value of your property. If you are planning on undertaking any renovations, it is handy to know that improvements to kitchens and bathrooms add the most value. However, we would recommend you spend your money on smaller improvements like a fresh lick of paint to rooms, cleaning carpets,(especially if you have pets) or painting the outside of your property for example.


You can choose to use our professional photos as an optional extra or upload your own. Photos need to be clear and in focus. Buyers are interested in seeing pictures of the front of your house, bathroom, master bedroom, kitchen, garden and any special features of the property.

Measuring Your House

Potential buyers will want to see the dimensions of your property and garden. Always ensure that Descriptions and Measurements are a fair and true representation. Try to round measurements to the nearest inch or millimetre.

Describe your home

You can use our professional description, as an optional extra, or you may choose your own description. If so, we recommend that you describe your home briefly, don't write an essay, as your photos will show potential buyers what to expect.  Although, it is also important to mention as many finer details as you can, fitted furniture, domestic appliances, features, such as great views, large garden, close to school catchment areas. It is important that you do not mislead potential buyers. Do not include items in your description that are not included in the sale, as this will cause you problems further down the line.


Handling You Own Viewings

Potential buyers who wish to view your property will need to contact us to arrange a suitable viewing time. You will be required to show them around your home in person. Make sure you are prepared.

·         Make sure rooms are well lit and are tidy and free from clutter.

·         If possible try to keep pets out the way.

·         It is also a good idea to keep a notebook handy to take any notes during the viewing.

The Viewing


Ideally during the viewing, lead the buyers through the property so that you can enter the room first to point out positive points to them.

It’s a good idea with small rooms to allow the viewer to enter the room on their own while you stand outside pointing out all the positive points.

Try and gather information from the viewer as they are going round, e.g. are they in a chain? Do they have a mortgage? This will give you an idea about the buyer and will help you decide who to sell to if you have several offers. After the viewing, we will contact the potential buyer to ask them for their feedback and pass this information on to you.


Accepting an Offer 

When considering any offers or negotiations as your agent, it is important to ask the buyer the following information to help you make a decision regarding who you sell to.

Is the buyer a cash buyer? Cash buyers are attractive because they don't need to arrange a mortgage and can usually complete very quickly, but will generally look to make a purchase below the market value.If the buyer isn't a cash buyer, do they have a mortgage in place? If not, this could delay the sale.
Is the buyer in a chain? This also may cause a delay in sale. Are they a first time buyer? First time buyers are attractive because they are not in a chain and will more likely offer closer to the asking price.

After you have accepted an offer, we will confirm this in writing to you. You will then need to instruct your solicitor to deal with all the legal issues for you. It is important that you keep in contact with all parties involved as this helps the whole process run more smoothly.

A survey of your property will also be arranged by the buyer’s mortgage company .This costs the buyer money and shows that they are serious about the purchase.

Issues may arise from the survey that need to be rectified before the buyer can proceed, or they may try to re -negotiate the buying price.

Your solicitor will provide you/us with a completion date for your property sale. This is the day funds should clear into your account. Once this is done, the buyer will be contacted to arrange the handing over of the keys. We can do this for you or arrange for your solicitor to do it for you.


We keep in touch with all parties as good communication is essential. Everyone involved should know exactly where they are up to. We will keep details of all your potential buyers who make an offer just in case your sale falls through, you never know what might happen! 





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